Monday, July 21, 2008

Pics from Video Shoot

Hi everyone, we've put this temporary site up so we could share this new blog with you and keep you up to date on the making of Somniloquy. We hope you enjoy it and if you're trying to find the link for the RSS feed, until we get it on this page you can click to get it here.

The video shoot last week was with a good friend of ours, Shawn Jackson.
It was pretty simple. We just hung out together and Shawn asked us questions about the album and how it fits into the overall arc of our past work. He's incredibly erudite and smart like that and did a great job interviewing us. We have a lovely new DSLR camera so we thought we'd go try it out on our rooftop overlooking the hills of Hollywood.I've known Shawn for years and he always manages to make me laugh hard.In this shot, Shawn asked us to give him a visual representation of Somniloquy. Looks pretty sullen and sulky to me.
We are lucky. Lucky indeed.
More pics on our Flickr page.


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