Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Photo Shoots, Both Alike In Dignity

Let's talk photo shoots. I want to share some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Our big shoot was two weeks ago, as I mentioned, at the wonderful Pasadena Museum of History. It is such a beautiful building and retains a lot of its old charm and intimacy. Here are some snapshots from the shoot:

Lauren and David discussing a shot

Getting the light just right.

Preparing for a seance with some special invited guests.

What could be happening here? You'll soon find out.

This weekend we had an additional shoot in our apartment building, which has a great open space with a lot of light which is great for converting into whatever you might want it to be. It has served us in the past with photo and video shoots. Lauren came by and we did some more work on what might be the cover shot.

During the shoot, I had to be sort of bound and gagged and needed to stay still for long periods of time. I have to say, it sent me to amazing places in my head. Being trussed up in Victorian gear in 92 degree heat and having cheesecloth stuck in my mouth sent me in strange directions. I began to slip outside the room, outside myself, outside the world, and soon I was seeing cells divide and atoms collide and worlds being born and dying in the blink of an eye. My ears were generating Sondheim music that I could literally hear but was not coming from outside stimulus. It. was. strange. And it felt appropriate for what was happening. I doubt you will know from seeing the images, but that's where I was...or wasn't...during the cover shoot.

Lauren also showed us the shots she had taken thus far from the previous shoot, and WOW, we are very impressed. We really can't wait to share them here. They are filled with wonder and beauty and mystery and are vaguely sinister as well. Just how we like it.

As soon as the images are delivered, we are going to get going on the next step in this journey, which is design. We've already done a lot of preliminary work on what the CD is going to look like, but the photos will probably dictate new and exciting possibilities we hadn't imagined before. David is a graphic artist and this task is one of many where his talent gets to really shine. You'll be seeing his lovely handiwork soon.


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