Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Radiohead at the Hollywood Bowl

I had the privilege of being given an excellent ticket to Radiohead on Sunday night at the Hollywood Bowl from my friends Beth and Allen. It's...what is today? Wednesday?...and I'm still pretty high from the experience.

This is a band I have loved deeply since The Bends (I later went back for Pablo Honey). I have vivid sense memories of listening to OK Computer for the first time in the deep woods near East Haddam, Connecticut where I was doing regional theatre at the time. Fireflies flitting in front of me in the dark, I remember hearing the first strains of Airbag and feeling sure I had teleported to somewhere otherworldly.

That feeling remains after seeing the Sunday show. The only other time we've seen them live was at Radio City Music Hall during OK Computer. David still claims that as one of the best concerts he has ever seen. Sunday night was a reminder that they still have that power. I feel these guys are our modern day Beethovens and Mozarts. It's the new classical music. Epic, complex, and performed with mastery.

For a minute there I lost myself.


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