Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Obamas and The Jonas Brothers (A Weird Day)

So, some of you might know that David and I have day jobs at a movie studio. Working there is often filled with surprises, and yesterday was no exception. Yesterday we were tipped off that Michelle Obama and her daughters were going to be on the lot, and sure enough, I saw them not once but twice, walking around with the Jonas Brothers, as they were both appearing on a talk show.

Michelle was an absolutely stunning (and tall!) woman and just had a radiating glow about her. My friend with me was freaking out, calling her the "New Jackie O." Another guard said, "She's exactly what we need in the White House, someone who will bring grace and elegance back to the culture." It was really exciting. Her beautiful daughters seemed to be in absolute awe of the (bizarrely clothed and coiffed) Jonas brothers, who performed on a big set on the backlot that was added specifically for the occassion. There were about 1,000 screaming, banshee-wailing, keening pre-teens there with signs and banners and posters, just LOSING THEIR MINDS at the brothers as they performed. As for me and my co-workers? We were geeking out at our possible new First Lady.

I called my cousin's children last night and told them I saw the Jonas Brothers, and I got the grilling from the 9 year old, asking what songs they sang (I had no idea). "Well, what did they sound like?" "They sounded like a ballad and an uptempo." "But...but what were some of the words?" "Uh...something about love and fun and girls? Yeep!" I felt like I'd let her down. I was also told by the 3 year old that she is going to marry all three of the brothers and that apparently the age difference won't matter. It was so adorable and also enlightening, as I realized I generally had no clue what they were talking about. I'm going to have to do a little homework before going home for Christmas!


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