Monday, January 19, 2009

Amazing review from Wears The Trousers

I love the UK-based magazine Wears the Trousers and have been reading it since it first debuted. Today is an extra nice day because they have given Somniloquy a very nice review. To quote:
The art and concepts of Somniloquy explore may be steeped in 19th century nostalgia, but the subject matter is universal and transcendent of time, drawing on themes of love and the relationship between heart and self. Amid the somewhat eerie settings, there is a pleasing warmth and modernity; each song is crafted with care and thought, composed with subtle layers and looping refrains. Tackling the majority of vocal duties, Adriana has a versatile voice, capable of both sailing, breathy cooing and darker ethereal melodies. There are clear dream-pop conventions at work here, melting into the folktronica canvas of their work; this is ambient chillout music, but with content.
Read the full review here.


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