Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where'd You Get That Fancy Jewelry?

I wanted to share a little about the great jewelry that I used for this photo shoot. A long whiles back I was perusing the great website Fabulist when I came across the gorgeous handmade jewelry at Ach Ach Liebling. I had just finished writing the lyrics for Hunt For The Heart when I came across this necklace:

It's called Call of the Wild and features a wolf and a hunter's knife, both themes that figure prominently in that song.

Earrings in this shot (you can see them better on the actual album cover) are called Bury the Hatchet and feature a shovel on one side and a hatchet in the other. Again, these felt so right for the story of this album: finding finality, peace, and closure. Good stuff. Go check out Ach Ach Liebling. There are so many fantastic and interesting items there that are unique and probably tell a piece of your story, too.


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