Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writing Again

Hello everyone,

We are working on a new EP! Some of you may know that we are expecting a baby in early June (...whaah?  Yes). Because of this, we know that this coming year is going to be pretty nutty. With that in mind, we hope to get much of a new EP written and (hopefully mostly) recorded before the baby comes, with the goal of getting it released by fall/winter.

It may be flat-out madness to think we can do it, but we are so excited to give it a go.  We already have sketches for five songs and probably more in our souls, so we'll see what comes out.

These are pictures from a storm this week here in LA.  It's pretty rare to see such a lovely sight here.  Growing up in New Mexico, we had rainbows and thunderstorms a-plenty, but here it is a rare treat.

Inspiration comes by a different road for us on every album.  We have our ears perked and are listening intently for clues.  "I hear you singing in the wires..."

We'll be sharing the journey of writing this little bundle of love here on the blog and on our Twitter page.  Thank you for coming along, once again.

A big thank you those of you who purchased our music for the Haiti earthquake relief drive.  We will tabulate and get that money donated as soon as we have the final info from CDBaby.  


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