Saturday, April 24, 2010

Checking In

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly check in and let you know that, like listed below, we had to convert our blog to this new address, so please re-set your RSS feeds for

In case anyone missed the news, we are about 7 weeks away from welcoming a baby into our lives, and things have been extremely hectic around here!  David has been mixing sound for a film, and that has been a huge project to take on right now.  I wanted to let you all know that we are still working on songs that will hopefully find their way to a new EP that we anticipate releasing by the end of the year.  Wish us luck, as this is a huge change in our lives coming up, as you might imagine.  

I'm finding it to be a very different process to write music right now while pregnant.  My brain isn't working in the same way it usually does when it comes to poetry and metaphor.  Things are more direct, simple, to the point.  I feel like I'm parallel processing, creating mentally and physically at the same time.  I'm drawing a lot of inspiration from the lectures of Joseph Campbell, directions on old maps, and what lies at the bottom of the ocean.  Here be monsters. 

Thank you for your patience during this time and we can't wait to share our experiences and music with you soon.  There is so much music in us that wants to get out, it's just finding the right time to help it into the world.



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