Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So, Uh, Where's That New Album?

Hi. Yeah, wow, look at that. It's the end of 2011 already. I think we said we'd have a new album out, oh, what, this summer? Yeah, that didn't happen.Want to know why?
Yup. This guy. I don't mean David. I mean our amazing, incredible, beautiful, spirited, spritely child.  I think, on some level, it was impossible to estimate how impossible it would be to get anything done with him being the young and precious age he is. We are trying to savor this, and he is savoring us, and there's a whole lot of savoring going on, and the music right now is reluctantly being pushed aside. Things are progressing, just much, much slower than we anticipated. The music is there, a bag of bones waiting for some flesh. The new songs are in fragments and thoughts and some even have fully-recorded skeletons, but none of them are ready to walk out the door. They would certainly shiver in the cold.

We are looking at alternate ways of releasing music right now. One that fits better with our needs as artists. There really are no rules right now in music, so if we have to put out one new song at a time in 2012, we will. We would rather do that than wait another year to get the final album to you. I am one who likes to write albums in a narrative, novel-like format, so perhaps this story arc will just span several releases, and then we can collect it later, perhaps in vinyl. We shall see.

But hold tight, dear listeners! There will still be a new release in 2011! We are hard at work on the 2011 Holiday Single, and man, it is going to be awesome. There will be wonderful guests joining us in song and we are really looking forward to sharing the mic with such creative, talented people. More info very, very soon!


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